West Hull

Exactly what is says on the tin.

You can see the Humber bridge from the top!
Anlaby common area.


Big Hill

Park on Dent road and walk into the field.
Follow the trails through the bushes and there's around 4 different fields linking up together and little woodlands and hidden secret tracks you'll find to explore.

Snuff Mill

Small car park. Near Springhead Pumping station, Wilerby.
Quite a small field but a nice little woodland and surrounding grass field.
Good for a half an hour walk or to play ball.

Spring Head

This small field just off Ella street, is fully enclosed so perfect for dogs that have a tendency to wonder.

The field is flat but can get quite muddy so your best white trainers may not be advisable.

Access via Ella street.
Walk down and there’s a double gate.

Jack Kaye

Spring Bank West, Eco park is pretty hidden and there's a few places you can park to get onto the track and field,

There is a short woodland walk, a few small fields and a disused play area.

if your walking there are; Sycamore Close, HU5 5FD & Also the new housing estate off Boundary Way, Calvert Road HU4 6DF.

Eco Park

This is a fantastic walk for dogs that love to be with other pooches off the lead, there are two car parks, one off Anlaby road North & the other off Pickering road (right next to The Petolon Café which is dog friendly!) Mainly flat fields, paths are wide enough for push chairs and wheelchairs, suitable for all. Kiddies park to the Pickering road entrance.


If you look hard enough you'll find the lovely meadow woodland at the back of this field. Its usually very busy with other dog walkers so a friendly atmosphere if you want to socialise.

King George

with 4 fields, a large fishing pond surrounded by woodland and multiple places to park this must be one of the most popular dog walking areas in Hull, easy walk with fairly flat fields and surrounding gravel paths big enough for pushchairs etc..

Oak Road

Pickering Park is great for an on lead walk or for very well behaved dogs, there is a lot of wildlife, a pond and Pickering road runs parallel to the far end of the field which is pretty open.


East Hull

Noddle Hill Nature Reserve is Located on the Bransholme estate, the 118 acre land has parking which is free, left through a Yellow gate, don't pass the house on your right as this is a private road. There is a few routes you can do but the outer route takes around 45 minutes up a few hills and uneven paths which can be muddy in wet weather. Wellies or waterproof walking boots may be necessary. Not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs. Be mindful this is a nature reserve with wild animals and ground nesting birds at certain times of year, please keep dogs under close control.

Nature Reserve 

Alderman Kneeshaw park can be accessed via Amethyst Road or Valiant Drive, there is a very large field with a baseball pitch in the middle and children's park near valiant drive carpark, at the back of the fields you will see walking tracks up to the hills which has a stunning view of the farmers fields behind the trees.

Alderman Kneeshaw

East park is the largest park in hull with 130 acres of fields and lovely walks around the park, in the centre of the park there is a dog friendly café with toilets, take a stroller through the rock formations to the far fields where you will find the large fishing ponds along with the animal education centre. be mindful of the geese and squirrels.

East Park

Just off Dunvegan road, you turn onto East Carr Rd and drive down a uneven road passed the dog rescue centre, you will see the golf driving range to the right of it you will see a small parking area - enter the black gates and follow the path round through the woods and you will come to the water bank turn left and you will enter Longhill playing fields were there is a massive field, follow the path along the side and it will take you up on the hills where you will see great views of the farmer fields, follow the path round back on the field and towards the woods again to get back to the car park.


The Cycle track starts from Newbridge road, but if your walking you want to be starting from Estcourt street / Rosmead Playing Fields, Head left down the track, there's also a hidden micro forest on your right about 5 minutes down.
Let us know if you find it! a local man keeps it clean, trimmed back and weed free as much as he can, what a local hero.

Newbridge Track

Hornsea Bike Trail is located on kestrel Ave, there is parking spaces on foxholme road across the road from the yellow entrance gates to the trail. you can walk for miles as this trail is apart of the Trans Pennine Trails, 5 minutes in to the walk you will see a fields to you right which is used by a lot of local to run their dogs, following the path up you will cross a couple of small bridges, along this walk you will see some lovely farm fields views be caution as eventually you will come to a road which you can cross at swine and again follow this path passing lots of fields to eventually come to a busy main road be careful crossing this road. once across there is a small woodland area you can explore. just turn round and go the same way back to your car. the trail is 22 miles there and back. 11 miles to Hornsea 11 miles back.

Hornsea Track

Wawne Walk

Not far from the new Kingswood estate is the Wawne Drain or ‘River Bank’ which leads to the Beverley Beck. I personally prefer to drive into Wawne itself & walk from there, however you can park at the bottom of Stable way (Kingswood) and start there instead. Nice long walk which can take 2 hours depending on how far you’d like to go either way. Not suitable for prams or wheelchairs unfortunately as there's a few styles you will have to navigate, to the side of the styles there is gap made for dogs to access the walk and lots of mole hills so be careful not to trip over them.

Hull Villages

Just go past the pond and up the hill/stairs and go left all the way along the bank, you can also turn right into and toward Fort Paull.

Paull Nature Reserve

Once parked go passed the yellow barrier and you can walk along the river, cross over the bridge and the bankside will take you up to Paull.


Park at the bottom of Station Rd in Keyingham, you will see the track on your left next to some horse stables, take a walk down the track and eventually you will some metal kissing gates, go through the gate and you will come to a large pond you can walk round and in the spring/summer season the café is open, walk the same way back to return to the car.

Kelsey Gardens

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